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Why CruSec?

CruSec was a project I kicked around in my head for a few months in mid-2017. I knew that information security was going to take significant chunks of time to earn and maintain proficiency in, and so I wanted a platform that could serve as a hub for all my knowledge and experience. In late 2017 I decided to pull the trigger and set off on a 5-month journey designing the website and creating all the initial content for it.

Although much of my motivation for creating the site was purely for myself, I also wanted an avenue by which I could share knowledge with other professionals and curious minds alike. Originally I planned on developing content exclusively for technical individuals, though this shifted after realizing such a small percentage of people understand technology on a truly foundational level. I suppose a part of being a security professional is providing awareness and best-practices for those who don't know any better.

Throughout the process of launching the site I was able to get my hands a little dirty in some concepts I hadn't encountered in a professional environment. As is true with all of IT, by discovering and learning one thing, I consequently found several others that I still didn't understand. This process is sort of self-fulfilling in the sense that it paves a roadmap for things I want to learn and create write-ups for. As this occurs, the knowledge then becomes freely available to everyone else. I wanted a tool that would help me invest in myself, but also contribute to the larger community as a whole. CruSec was the solution.

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